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SEND Sensory Chroma Tubes

SEND Sensory Chroma Tubes on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy on line ordering. We sell a wide range of SEND and sensory products to encourage and stimulate students with a rich sensory learning experience, allowing children of all abilities to engage in varied stimulating environments. UK supplied and available with free nationwide delivery, open our web chat for a quote today!

Sensory Chroma Tubes: A Colourful and Relaxing Sensory Experience

If you are looking for a way to create a soothing and stimulating sensory environment, you might want to consider sensory chroma bubble tubes. These are special devices that produce colourful bubbles and lights that can capture the attention and calm the mind of the user.

Sensory chroma tubes are a type of sensory lighting equipment that can be used in sensory rooms, classrooms, bedrooms, or any other space where sensory stimulation is needed. They are similar to traditional bubble tubes, which are columns of water that contain bubbles and fish that move up and down. However, sensory chroma bubble tubes have some additional features that make them more versatile and interactive.

First of all, sensory chroma tubes do not use water, but instead have a transparent tube filled with LED lights that can change colours and patterns. This means that they are maintenance-free and do not require any additives or cleaning. Secondly, sensory chroma bubble tubes have different modes of operation that can be controlled by the user or a caregiver. Some of these modes are:

  • Passive mode: The tube cycles through an array of colours automatically, creating a relaxing and mesmerising effect.
  • Interactive mode: The user can change the colour and speed of the tube by using a remote control, a dice, or a sound-activated panel.
  • DMX mode: The tube can be connected to a DMX controller, which allows the user to create customised light shows and sequences.
  • Plus+ mode: The tube can be synchronised with other sensory equipment, such as fibre optics, projectors, or speakers, to create a multi-sensory experience.

How do sensory chroma bubble tubes work?

Sensory chroma tubes work by using LED lights that are arranged inside the tube in a spiral pattern. The LED lights can produce different colours and brightness levels, depending on the mode and settings of the tube. The tube also has an air pump that creates bubbles inside the tube, which add movement and texture to the light show. The bubbles can also be turned off if desired.

The tube is usually mounted on a base that contains the power supply and the control panel. The base can also have speakers or vibration pads that can enhance the sensory experience with sound or touch. The tube can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall, depending on the space and preference of the user.

What are the benefits of sensory chroma tubes?

Sensory chroma bubble tubes can provide a range of benefits for sensory development and well-being. Some of these benefits are:

  • Visual stimulation: The colourful bubbles and lights can improve visual skills, such as tracking, focusing, colour recognition, and coordination.
  • Auditory stimulation: The sound of the bubbles and the optional speakers can provide auditory input that can soothe or alert the user.
  • Tactile stimulation: The vibration pads or the touch-sensitive tube can provide tactile feedback that can enhance the sense of touch.
  • Cognitive stimulation: The interactive modes can teach cognitive skills, such as cause and effect, sequencing, memory, and problem-solving.
  • Emotional regulation: The passive mode can help reduce stress, anxiety, and agitation by creating a calming atmosphere.
  • Social interaction: The tube can encourage communication and interaction with others by providing a shared focus and a conversation starter.
  • Creativity and fun: The tube can stimulate the imagination and creativity of the user by allowing them to create their own light shows and stories.

Sensory chroma tubes are a great way to add colour and excitement to any sensory space. They can provide a range of sensory stimulation and benefits for users of all ages and abilities. If you want to learn more about sensory chroma tubes, you can visit the websites of the suppliers mentioned above or contact them for more information.

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