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SEN and Sensory Products and Equipment

A variety of special educational needs and sensory products on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy online ordering. We sell a wide range of SEN and sensory products to engage, encourage and stimulate students with a rich sensory learning experience, allowing children of all abilities to discover new textures and develop fine motor skills, both in indoor and outdoor environments. UK supplied and available with free nationwide delivery, open our web chat for a quote today!

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable products for special educational needs and sensory stimulation, you have come to the right place. At School Furniture Direct, we offer a wide range of items that can help children with various learning difficulties, disabilities, or sensory impairments. Whether you need sensory toys, weighted blankets, , or adaptive equipment, we have something for everyone.

Our products are designed to enhance the sensory experience, promote relaxation, improve focus, and foster creativity. They can also help with developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and communication skills. Our products are suitable for home, school, or therapy settings, and can be used by individuals or groups.

We are passionate about providing the best sensory solutions for our customers. That?s why we source our products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, and ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We also offer fast and reliable delivery, secure payment options, and excellent customer service.

Explore our website to find out more about our products and how they can benefit you or your loved ones. You can also contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for choosing School Furniture Direct, your trusted partner for special educational needs and sensory products.

Where can special educational needs and sensory products be used?

  • Home: Home is where most people spend their time and feel comfortable. Sensory products can make home more enjoyable and relaxing for people with special needs or sensory issues. For example, sensory lights, music, aromatherapy, or tactile cushions can create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom or living room. Sensory toys, games, or crafts can provide fun and stimulating activities for children or adults with learning difficulties or disabilities.
  • School: School is where children and young adults learn and socialize. Sensory products can enhance the learning experience and support the development of various skills for students with special needs or sensory impairments.

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