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Nursery Display Boards & Scenes


Nursery Display Boards & Scenes on sale now! A collection of furniture, educational toys, activity equipment and learning resources specially designed for early year environments. Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy on line ordering. Visit our range today!

Nursery Display Boards: How to Create a Fun and Educational Environment for Little Ones

Nursery display boards are a great way to decorate your nursery and stimulate childrens learning and development. They can showcase childrens artwork, achievements, interests, and favourite stories. They can also help your child learn about colours, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, seasons, and more. In this article, we will share some tips on how to create nursery display boards that are both fun and educational for your little ones.

What are Nursery Display Boards?

Nursery display boards are boards that you can hang on the walls of your nursery or attach to furniture. They can be made of different materials, such as cork, wood, fabric, or cardboard. You can use pins, clips, magnets, or velcro to attach items to the boards. You can also use paint, stickers, or other decorations to make the boards more attractive.

Why are Nursery Display Boards Important?

Nursery display boards have many benefits for childrens development. They can:

  • Boost childrens self-esteem and confidence by displaying their work and achievements.
  • Encourage childrens creativity and imagination by providing them with a space to express themselves.
  • Enhance childrens language and literacy skills by exposing them to words, letters, and stories.
  • Improve childrens cognitive and problem-solving skills by introducing them to concepts, such as colours, shapes, numbers, patterns, and sequences.
  • Support childrens social and emotional skills by helping them to identify and express their feelings, emotions, and preferences.
  • Foster childrens curiosity and exploration by exposing them to different topics, such as animals, plants, seasons, cultures, and countries.

Where can nursery display boards be used?

  • Home: You can use nursery display boards in your child?s bedroom, playroom, or living room. You can also create portable boards that you can move around the house or take outside.
  • School: You can use nursery display boards in classrooms, libraries, or hallways. You can also create collaborative boards that involve other children and teachers.
  • Community: You can use nursery display boards in nurseries, daycares, or preschools.

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