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Folding Benches


Folding Benches for Academies, Colleges, and Schools. Nationwide delivery, product helpline, easy online ordering. We sell a wide range of school classroom benches that can be used in school canteens, classrooms, science labs, and music rooms. These easy-to-move and store school chairs are a great buy for schools and academies wanting to make multiple uses of limited room space.

Folding School Benches: A Smart Solution for Flexible Learning Spaces

Folding school benches are a type of furniture that can be easily folded and stored when not in use. They are designed to provide comfortable seating for students and teachers in various learning environments, such as classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, and outdoor areas. Folding school benches are also ideal for creating flexible learning spaces that can accommodate different activities, such as lectures, group work, presentations, and games.

Some of the benefits of folding school benches are:

  • They save space and reduce clutter. Folding school benches can be folded and stacked vertically or horizontally, depending on the model. This allows for more efficient use of floor space and easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • They are versatile and adaptable. Folding school benches can be arranged in different configurations to suit different purposes and preferences. For example, they can be placed in rows for a traditional classroom setting, in circles for a collaborative discussion, or in a U-shape for a seminar-style session.
  • They are durable and cost-effective. Folding school benches are made of sturdy materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, that can withstand frequent use and wear and tear. They are also easy to repair and replace if needed. Folding school benches are generally cheaper than fixed furniture, as they require less material and labor to produce.

If you are looking for high-quality folding school benches for your educational institution, you can browse our online catalog or contact us for a quote 01359 250550. We offer a wide range of folding school benches in different sizes, colors, and styles to suit your needs and budget. We also provide delivery and installation services across the UK.

Where can folding benches be used?

  • Classrooms. Folding school benches can provide flexible seating options for students and teachers in different subjects and levels. They can also be easily moved and rearranged to create different learning zones within the classroom.
  • Libraries. Folding school benches can offer comfortable and convenient seating for reading, studying, and researching in libraries. They can also be folded and stored away when not needed to create more space for other activities.
  • Auditoriums. Folding school benches can accommodate large audiences for events such as assemblies, presentations, performances, and ceremonies in auditoriums. They can also be quickly set up and taken down to suit different occasions.
  • Outdoor areas. Folding school benches can provide outdoor seating for students and teachers who want to enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery. They can also be used for outdoor learning activities, such as field trips, experiments, and games.

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