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Wellbeing for children during lockdown

What can you do to help keep your children feeling positive and motivated?

Lockdown is tough for any normal person let alone children. You might be thinking, 'What can I do as a parent or teacher to help keep my children feeling positive and motivated during lockdown?'

We have put together a list of helpful things you can do to help along with some links to other resources to keep your children busy and feeling motivated. 

1. It is important to talk about what is going on in the world with your children, be open and honest because things are changing all the time. Making a stress-free environment is going to work ways of wonder for your children and yourself. 

2. Make sure your children are still able to connect with friends through phone call or even better video call. This will keep them positive and remind them that we are all in the same situation and it will not last forever. 

3. Keeping a daily routine is crucial especially for your children, this should involve exercise or an outdoor activity at least once a day. Exercise is a great mental health healer, releasing endorphins can help create a positive mindset. 

4. Looking after yourself will benefit your children massively. Children follow the actions of their parents and elders so to see you looking after yourself and staying positive means your children will do the same. 

5. Play games and be creative. Drawing, painting, making, and getting involved with activities is going to keep your children occupied no matter what age they are. For younger children, painting and drawing is a great activity and for older children why not play a board game or card game as a family and get everyone involved. 

We've added some links below where you can get useful resources to help you and your children during lockdown. 





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Learning Resources



Partnership For Children


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