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The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

What are the pros and cons of home schooling in todays climate?

Making the decision to home-school your children is an extremely difficult one, it may seem like the best form of education for your children because of the one on one time, but it means they will be missing out on many other benefits. It is best to get an idea of the pros and cons for home-schooling to see if it's the right form of education for your children. That's why we have listed all the pro's and con's of home schooling in this blog post. 

What are the Pro's of Home Schooling?

One-to-one teaching

There are many benefits of one-to-one teaching, your child can move through learning at their own pace and not feel forgotten about by teachers in class. One-to-one teaching enables you to give valuable feedback to your child giving them that extra guidance. Without a large class of students, distractions are non-existent. 


Home-schooling can be extremely flexible; it means you are able to choose when and where you want to start learning/teaching. If your child is an early riser, it means you can start teaching early and finish early or if your child doesn't have a long attention span you can teach in small bursts throughout the day, it is really up to you and your child how you want to plan out your day. 

Using your child's strengths

Strengths play a vital part in home-schooling, if your child learns better outside, you have the freedom of teaching them outside. Your child's strengths can be used to help in areas they are struggling for example, some children learn better visually, and others can take in information in by listening. 


Relationship building

Teaching your child at home means you'll never miss a milestone moment for your child. Spending more time with your child will create a stronger relationship between you both. Learning how to respect each other will help you to work well with each other.

What are the cons of homeschooling?

Time and money

Providing your child with full time education is a full-time job, this means you probably won't have much time for your own work and time. It also means there will not be much time away from your children as you will most probably be home with them most of the time, unless you have someone else to teach for you. 

If you're going to be home-schooling, it means you won't have any time for work/earning money, so unless you have a partner working full time, money could be a struggle. Unfortunately, there is no financial help from the government for home-schooling, although this could change in the future. 

Being an expert in all subjects

It is extremely hard to know everything there is to know, so home-schooling can be difficult especially if there are certain subjects you don't know much about. This means you will need to spend extra time on the side, to learn things you're not necessarily interested in which could become quite stressful.

To home-school you need to have the energy and motivation to be able to teach your children so if you don't have much spare time, home-schooling may not be for you. 


If you are thinking of transitioning your children from school to home-schooling, this can be a tricky period for both you and your children. The longer your child has been in school education the more difficult it will be to transition to home-schooling. 


If you are educating your children at home, the thing to remember is that they will not be able to socialise with other children. This means they will not be learning how to socialise with children from different backgrounds, this can make them less resilient and less tolerant of others. 

If you are thinking of home-schooling for your children, see what's out there in terms of home-schooling communities and groups, that way your children will have others to socialise with.

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