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NEW Sensory Equipment

Our favourite sensory products

Shop our brand new range of SEN products, with so many different products you could create the perfect sensory room for your nursery or school.

We've picked out our favourite products here for you to read about in the hope that you will have a clearer mind when it comes to knowing which products to choose. 

Air Tubes

Children will have a magical experience with Air Tubes as the beads flow up and down the tube. Using the Interactive Remote Control Bead Air Tube is maintenance free and really easy to set up. You can choose between the Sensory Remote Control or Dice Remote Control, this controls the colours of the Air Tube. This tube is great for sensory relaxation and encourages visual tracking based learning and the beads in that flow in the tube create beautiful patterns for the children  to engage with. 

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Infinity Wall Panel

Infinity Wall Panels are the perfect sensory experience for any child, the illusion LED lights creating a beautiful, visual display. With this panel you can add interactive buttons to let the user change the colours. These Wall Panels come in 600 x 600 mm size and 1200 x 600 mm. Easy to fix to walls and maintenance free. 

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Interactive Disco Tubes

One our very favourite out of all our SEN products is this Disco Tube. The Interactive Disco Tube reacts to the noises you make by displaying different colours in a step pattern, a fun and creative way of stimulating the senses. It's maintenance free and easy to set up which means it fits perfectly into any sensory environment. One of the best parts of this Disco Tube is that you can play your own music and it will activate the Disco Tube as it 'dances' in time to the beat. Make any noises from clapping, to tapping and stomping to active the disco tube. 

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LED Lightsource Strands

LED Lights are an important part of a Sensory Room, perfect for engaging the senses whilst efficient in utilising space. The LED lights cycle through different colours to create a variety of lighting patterns. Fibre Optic lights are portable with the battery powered option, great for taking the lights from room to room. The lights enhance the senses with brushing techniques as well as visual sensory stimulation, making it great for tactile play. These lights can be touched and can easily be placed in inaccessible locations so that the strands can be placed in a convenient position for the user.

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