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Sensory Products


Watch our videos to get a full insight on how some of our Sensory products work!



We have a wide variety of Sensory products available here at School Furniture Direct. We have put together some videos so that you can see how these products come to life to help you decide which products are best for your sensory room.



 Watch this video to see how our Interactive Controllers work.



The Interactive Bubble Tube is designed to work with one of our Interactive Controllers. A popular piece which works perfectly in any sensory room.

Sensory Bubble Tubes - Shop Now



See how our Sensory Interactive Controller Cube works.



The different strands on this Fibre Optic Chandelier will emerse children in a calm sensory experience.

Sensory Fibre Optic Chandelier - Shop Now


This Sensory Dome Light will spread colourful light across your room. Children can benefit from a calming experience.

Sensory Dome Light - Shop Now



The Sensory Air Tube includes beads which create a sensory stimulating pattern for children, it's great for relaxation and encourages visual tracking based learning.

Sensory Air Tube - Shop Now




This Sensory Bubble Tube is great for stimulating the user as it switches through different colours. As well as changing colours it also provides light vibrations that will stimulate touch senses.

Sensory Bubble Tube - Shop Now



If you have any questions at all please feel free to speak to us on our webchat or give us a call on 01359 250550.




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