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EYFS Learning Environments

Learning Environment Idea for Children



With children learning different types of material day in and day out, having the right set up is critical for an optimal learning experience. A classroom or nursery equipped with a variety of learning environments helps create a fun, welcoming, and engaging atmosphere for children while allowing teachers or carers to tailor their lesson plans for the changing learning environment.

Participation is Key

Regardless of age, participation is a critical theme that ensures students are attentive, interested, and engaged during class. Organizing your learning environment that promotes participation fuels discussion, collaboration, and makes for an interesting learning experience. The EYFS Playscapes Imagination Zone Discount Bundle Clear Tubs PT596 is an excellent solution to keep students learning whilst also having fun. This environment enables children to participate in teacher-led activities and also create games themselves.

Adaptability for a Changing Classroom

Academic curricula are constantly evolving and the continued adapting needs of children makes choosing the right furniture for your preschool learning environment crucial. However, a furniture solution that can be configured to easily accommodate different tasks such as group activities, story time and, collaboration projects not only keeps students engaged but also maximizes ROI for school furniture expenditures. The EYFS Soft Flower Nursery Seating Area offers an adaptive seating solution for your children that will promote constant classroom engagement.

EYFS Mobile Tall Nursery Storage Unit Display Mirror Back and Divider

Situations that require a teacher to hold class in a different location due to the nature of the lesson material or unforeseen difficulties are not uncommon. Thus it’s important to have something practical that allows you to execute your lesson plans while maintaining student interest. Some examples include conducting quiet reading time at the library or moving your lesson outside due to a building maintenance problem. Regardless, children can still stay connected if you empower them to bring the right tool for the class. A great example of this is the EYFS Mobile Tall Nursery Storage Unit Display Mirror Back and Divider. Empowering your students to make sure they have a choice for every reading time.

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