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How to survive your first year of lecturing

Here's some tips and advice on how you can survive your first year of lecturing

Becoming a university lecturer is an important job, you'll be teaching your students all about the subject you've mastered in which is an exciting but challenging role. We've created a blog post which talks about how you can prepare for your first year of lecturing, in the hope that we can provide some helpful advice and tips.

Prepare for your teaching

The most important task is preparing yourself for what you will be teaching and how you will teach it. If you can come up with a solid lesson plan for each week your lectures will come out extremely well to your students, there is nothing worse than an un-organised class, especially when students are paying to be at university. 

 Make sure your passion shines through

There are always parts of a course which can be boring no matter how much a student loves the course they're studying. Making sure you're passionate for the subject you're teaching is extremely important; it means your students will be able to take something away from your lectures even if it isn't the most exciting part of the course. Adding some fun activities to incorporate in with what you're teaching can also make your classes a little more exciting. 

Give your students time

During your lessons, make sure you are giving your students time to review and apply ideas. Providing short breaks for your students can give them the time to make sure they've understood everything you've been speaking about and that they've got the relevant information written down in notes. 

Ask for feedback from your students

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your lectures and teaching sessions is to ask your students for feedback. The only people who are there, listening to your lectures are your students, so giving them the opportunity to give feedback and help improve the way you teach is extremely beneficial for you and your students. 


Last of all...

Be positive and smile!

Having a positive attitude towards life in general can be highly beneficial for yourself and your students. There are many people who find it difficult to keep a positive attitude so having a lecturer that pushes you to be great is the best kind of lecturer - a good lecturer leads to high achieving students. 

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