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Folding Contour Tables

A look at the new qualities of our new folding tables

If you want to buy a table that is adaptable and has many uses then you might consider buying a folding table, as they can be used in a variety of situations and are easily transportable.

Folding tables can be as strong and durable, and they can serve you for many years without needing to be replaced. Folding tables also have a lot of practical uses and come in handy for many situations. Especially in Schools, Village halls or community centres who usually have limited storage space. This means they need furniture which is adaptable, to best utilise the available space.
No matter what your use is for a folding table you can be assured it will get plenty of use and will become a necessary item of furniture. With this in mind we thought we would let you know about the new folding tables we have recently released on our website.

Contour folding tables

Contour folding tables can be identified firstly by their contoured Aluminium surface edging (extrusion). This contour finish is purely aesthetic, however Contour folding tables do offer some nice features beyond those of the cheaper Economy folding table.
1.    Improved folding mechanism.
2.    Wide table top dimensions. Contour folding tables are available in 760mm (30") width, which in practical terms allows for a seating position at the table ends. Contour is also available in 1520mm (5') lengths.
3.    Laminate finish. Contour folding tables use the same high quality Formica laminate finish as the cheaper Economy folding table range, however Contour offers 16 different finishes. All of which can be founds here.
Contour folding tables offer the widest range of lightweight options. However they're so lightweight that some customers prefer to use the Contour Plus series.

Contour Plus folding tables

Contour Plus folding tables are available in the same sizes and colours as Contour (although not in children's heights). Again it is important to stress that Contour Plus is not designed to be stronger than Contour or Economy - the modification relates to the tables stability in certain usage.
Contour Plus features an internal steel structure within the Aluminium leg. This increases the tables weight and reduces friction when a table is accidentally knocked. For these reasons, Contour Plus folding tables are better suited to dining use, where accidental knocks might spill a drink on the lighter tables (Economy & Contour). The available colours and size can be viewed here.
Whichever Folding Table you choose, you can be sure of a high quality, long lasting product.

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