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NEW EV Charging Bay Markings for Electric Cars

Explore our brand new range of EV parking bay markings, perfect for school car parks and public car parks

With EV Marking bays you can prevent people parking in car park bays with electrical charging facilities. 

With glass beads evenly disbursed throughout this 3mm thick material it ensures optimum reflection for safety and comfort after dark which lasts the entire service life of the material. The material is so durable that it's been used in London congestion areas and on the new blue cycle routes.

All materials used are non-slip, non-toxic and easy to apply

  • All the materials are non-slip, non-toxic, easy to apply, quick drying and durable. This makes them perfect for electric vehicle parking bays, where drivers can easily and clearly see where they can charge their vehicle.
  • We provide a FREE site consultation on installations, allowing us to talk through your requirements and provide advice and guidance - contact us by phone or web chat to organise an assessment.

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The benefits of electric cars

Better for the planet

EVs create a greener alternative to gas or diesel vehicles by eliminating exhaust fumes. This means that green house gases are reduced, in the long run, creating a cleaner planet.

The impact of petrol and diesel cars doesn't just stem from the fumes which leave the exhaust pipes, it also comes down to the process of extracting oil and refining it into fuel then transporting it to gas stations which also generates a large amount of air pollution. 

The production of EV batteries also creates upstream emissions but EVs still remain the cleanest option for transportation as their entire life cycle is much more sustainable overall.

One of the biggest obstacles in manufacturing EV vehicles is producing functional, lightweight vehicles. Lighter materials have a smaller carbon footprint than heavier materials, making recycled and organic materials comparable to traditional materials.

Using new materials like plastic and metal is unsustainable and creates pollution. All natural or recycled materials lower the impact both during and after the production of EVs.

No congestion charges

Some areas in the UK are introducing 'clean air zones' with fees designed to discourage petrol and diesel vehicles from entering certain areas. 

Lower running costs

According to EDF energy, on average, an electric car costs less than £1.30 to drive 100 miles vs. £11.05 for a petrol car.

Free parking

You can usually find free parking , or dedicated parking parking bays for electric cars. 

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